Launch & Recovery

Wise Sling Hoist

Powered by the New Holland Tractor, the Wise Hoist is a vesatile hoist system that is ideal for the general lifting of all boats, but excels at lifting wooden boats, bilge keelers and damaged boats.
The Wise Hoist is rated to 10 tonnes and a width of 13ft 2" (4 meteres)

Roodberg Hydraulic Trailer

A dutch boat lift system, the Roodberg Trailer is powered by the MF1200 Tractor.  The 3 point lift system is perfect for fin and long keel boats, cruisers, day boats & fishing boats.
The Roodberg Trailer is rated to 15 tonnes and a length of around 43ft, depending on the bow design and engine placement of the vessel.
Lifting Capacities

Maximum Length - 43ft (13 meters)
Maximum Weight - 15,000kg
Maximum Draught 8ft (2.4 meter)
Maximum Air Draught - 62ft (19 meter) on a 5.35 meter tide

Each Boat is different
Please do get in touch to discuss a potential hoist out

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