The Old Days .
PoW Quarry Workers


The early 1900's found the River Lynher hosting a very productive stone quarrying era.  The land was owned by the Lord of Treluggan Manor, who was the landlord and farmer of the surrounding area.  At the height of the stone quarrying, up to 300 men were employed, providing material that would eventually be transported by road and river to the wider UK and mainland Europe.  The majority of the material was transported from the old quay (Where the current slip is located), to river barges, which then transferred the spoils to the dockyard and ocean going vessels anchored in The Sound. 

Treluggan (Cornwall) Granite Quarries Ltd was registered in 1935, additionally owning 7 houses, gardens & a shop in the local village of Landrake, providing local accommodation for quarrymen and their families. These were later to be sold to the tenants via ARC Quarries.

WWII demonstrated the importance of the local quarry, when 70 lorries of rock were leaving the site daily, providing material for building works and various shore side access slips for the war effort.  Many of the workers at this time were PoWs, mainly of German or Italian origin who were billeted in local camps.

1970 saw the demise of granite quarrying and the yard fell silent for 3 or so years, until the potential to re-focus the area as a private boatyard was recognised.  Numerous quarry buildings were revitalised and adapted for boatyard use, with many of them still evident today.  Two major build projects were embarked upon in the late 1980's; the main building, which now houses the yard office, chandlery and engine shed, and secondly, the building on the river bank, which became the home of a wooden boat and vintage car restoration project. 

The yard was purchased in March 2004 by Treluggan Marina Ltd. and run as a storage yard for 12 years.

The yard changed hands again in December 2016 when it was bought by Sara and Will Stirling of Stirling and Son Ltd. Continuing with classic yacht restorations in their other boatyard in Plymouth; the No.1 Covered Slip, Treluggan Boatyard will see more wooden boats arriving for restoration and repair alongside the boat storage operations.
Treluggan Boatyard

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